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Thread: What's your New years resolution?. It doesn't have to be archery related post up!.

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    Getting back into shape for sure i started lifting again and picked up boxing so hopefully i will be where i want to be in a couple months i wanna lose about 20 pounds and gain about 15 back in muscle.
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    This year I made no resolutions. Not because I break them anyways, but because I couldn't think of anything worth making.

    I do not drink any alchohol.
    Don't smoke. any more
    I have a good job and just looking forward to retiring in about 4 years.
    I just got home from the doctor, my cholesterol is good. Over all health is good.
    I'm married to the best woman a man could ask for. She doesn't mind all my hunting and fishing. I am there for her and she is there for me.
    I have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.
    I have a good life.

    I just decided this year to make sure that I thank all the people in my life for being in my life, and to thank the Lord for allowing me to take up space in this world.


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    Kicking Hippy ***'s and Raising Hell. Lot's of those in Flagstaff..... I'm too nice and need to work on it... Oh and win the Lotto...
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    Like alot of guys, drop some weight, and get in better shape. I also want to improve my archery skills. Other than that, just try to be the best son, brother, friend, and boyfriend I can be. No kids to worry about for me. The g/f's kids don't count. lol
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