I was wondering if anyone knew how to restring the Martin rytera nemesis, 2010 model. I see the hooks that the string goes onto but can't remember what street goes to what hook! I also wanted to ask the question that when you do take the strings off I have been told they can untwist and if you do not have them twisted correctly when you put them back on the bow it can cause problems! Please helpme! I'm Also a new member to this site and I am not exactly sure how to post threads in the right section and I am intermediate when it comes to learning about taking down my bow. If anyone can help me with this question please feel free to send me a PM or an e-mail to j_farnsley85@yahoo.com .

Thanks guys!

I'm uploading a picture of my bow, but I am on a cell phone and had to look for file numbers instead of pictures so if you see a picture of it and it doesn't look like a bow it's because I messed up LOL !