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Thread: My Rytera Nemesis spec deviations

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    Default My Rytera Nemesis spec deviations

    A few observations of my new 2012 Nemesis, as I've had a chance to look it closer now.


    34 3/4". This is surprisingly long, as the nominal is 34".

    Brace height

    7 1/4" (nominal is 7")

    Draw length

    This is how I read the specs, and how I measured the actual draw length of the bow.

    Module position / nominal draw
    7 / 30
    6 / 29,5
    5 / 29 => position 5 should give 29" draw with the Nemesis
    4 / 28,5 => but actually already position 4 gave me 29,5" draw

    Thus, the draw length was running a full inch long if I have read the specs correctly. This is a big deviation.

    Cam lean

    The upper cam has more cam lean than I would have liked to see. In this picture, I have an arrow placed on the left side of the upper cam (the side without the DL module). You can see that it crosses the string quite clearly:

    Cam timing

    Perfect straight from the factory.

    Limb markings

    My Onza 3 has a limb deflection code "3HP" in the limbs, whereas the Nemesis says "1HP". Both are 60# models so I would have assumed identical limb deflection code. Explanations, anyone?

    Shooting and tuning the bow

    Regardless of the cam lean, it was easy to tune and I shoot bullet holes in paper test. Haven't tested with broadheads yet, though, but I wouldn't expect any trouble based on the paper test result. With field tips, I can shoot the bow accurately.

    Serial number

    Starts with "11", so is this actually a 2011 model and not 2012?

    Now what?

    I wonder if I should fix the ATA closer to nominal and whether I should worry about the cam lean. I tend to think that why worry, if only the bow passes the final test and shoots broadheads to the same point of impact with field tips. However, if I took that perfectionist attitude, I think I could do the following:

    - add some equal amount of twists to both cables. Expected effect: longer draw length (not wanted), more draw weight (OK), shorter ATA (wanted), longer brace height (OK)
    - in addition to the previous, add some twists to the string. Expected effect: shorter draw length (OK since compensates the opposite cable twist effect), less draw weight (OK since compensates the opposite cable twist effect), shorter ATA (wanted), longer brace height (OK)

    This bow has no yokes for cam lean adjustment, but basically I think adding twists to the cables should have at least a minor effect on that.

    Comments anyone?
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