Hi bro and sis,

Question 1:

would like to ask you out there those with viper scope, how do you actually remove the bubble level?

coz i got mine not center, its more to the left, so i would like to get it in the center of the scope?

seem its glued to the scope housing. No room to put my handy knife to cut it out.

Or any other method to remove it or to make it loose to adjust as wanted?

Heat it?

Question 2:

anyone of you prefer to shoot a pin, or a DOT on the lens?
OR you have different setup for different purposes?

I personally tried pin for target shooting for outdoor, seem the pin is dull on a hot sunny day, and yes my country is hot and sunny for 365days all year long. its doesnt seem to benefit me shooting pin for outdoor, and a black dot looks more visionable and clear, where the dark part come to cover the bright target at aiming.

i only notice the pin are bright early in the morning, and also late evening, same goes to my hunting sight and target scope.

or you guys have the same experience? or you have tips and trick to encounter this problem?
Sunshade for scope comes to play in this situation? i do have and sunshade for scope, and i dont think viper scope have any. Correct me if im wrong.

your advice is appreciated it....