Hello !
I live in France and I received in Christmas a Rytera Nemesis 2012 the last in Europe (specially imported for me) it was so nice, I love this bow! But I have a problem with my arrows X7 with Killer Vanes 4", they touch my control cable. But my others arrows, a Victory VAP with Xvanes 1.75 have no problems. My arrow rest was at 1" of the riser and at 55 yards with my VAP they're no problem! what's the problem with the X7 and the Killer Vanes 4", he's not possible to shoot this arrows with this bow?
Thank you for your answers and excuse I for my English.
Némésis 2012 035.jpg
Némésis 2012 038.jpg
with my VAP it's good but I want to shoot X7 indoor!!!
Excuse me for the size of photos.