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The EVO just holds really steady probably due to the let off being lower and the bow that I shot was very quite. My Onza is noticeably louder and requires some add ons to quite it. It really depends what you want to spend and what you want to do with it. I would shoot all of the bows that you are interested in and shoot them one right after the other if you can. Then let your wallet and you decide which is best. Don't forget about customer service either. I can tell you that the local shops in SW Michigan would rate them in the following order 1. Martin and Mathews tied. 2. PSE and a distant 3 to Bowtech. Apparently they haven't been nearly as responsive.

I can tell you that LaB rat is right on here. We live in the same general area and visit the same shops.

Martin and Mathews are the dominant bow lines being sold(mathews #1)....with Hoyt and bowtech / diamond 3rd and 4th place..ish. With Bear coming on strong!!!
I just hope Ted Brooks Archery (kalamazoo, Michigan) keeps the Martin line for 2013. It would be a shame not to carry the awesome 2013's!
Someone get the Martin Rep in at Ted's. He hadn't heard a peep from him in quite a long time (this was Nov. that Ted was saying to me) Sounds like this could be a area of improvement for Martin to look at....hint hint.

Get the bow dude......there shooters. Save your money.