Started using Cabela's Carbon Extreme's 400 and I find nothing wrong with them, buy bare shaft and fletch Blazer vanes on a Arizona Mini Fletch tool. Gold tip XT Hunters 400, nocks fail too often, replaced with Easton nocks. Easton axis 340, have had no problems. The best fletching glue I found is the Locktite Blue Ultra Gel. Use the Gorilla Impact Blue for inserts, I've not had an insert pullout in K's of shots. Silk Tip field tips are pricey but really easyier to pull out of my Block Target. Broadhead is the Magnus Buzzcut 4 blade 100 grain. 29" draw, cut my arrows at 29". The 400 spine arrows weight 390 grains, the 340's 415-425 depending on the tip. Don't have a chrono so I don't know what kind of speed I am seeing. My 400 spine arrows are starting to run low and I am looking at Cabela's Predatech 250's to replace them with, I believe they are the Carbon Express Crush arrow buy all the spects. I take all my damaged but salvable arrows and cut them down for the club after refletching.