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Thread: Had to adjust arrow rest to the right (Onza 3)

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    Default Had to adjust arrow rest to the right (Onza 3)

    Compared to my initial Onza 3 tuning almost a year ago (shooting "bullet holes" to paper and broadheads hitting the same spot with field tips), the biggest drift has been with the need to move my arrow rest more to the right to maintain proper tuning (the bow is RH model). The change was more than 1/10" compared to the initial tuning. The nocking point needed almost no adjustment.

    Actually there is not much extra vane clearance left anymore with the riser after this adjustment, the rest is so close to the riser now. I would have rather kept the arrow rest where it was...

    I wonder what actually causes this. The cables (and most probably, also the string) have stretched a bit, but does it have an effect to this? I could imagine that as stretching of the cables decreases some tension, also the sideways component of the force (due to the cable guard) decreases. And this would then cause the need to adjust the arrow rest sideways, as the "side balance" of the bow becomes different. But I wouldn't have expected such a relatively large need of sideways adjustment. If this theory was correct, I could of course add some twists to the cables and string and get the situation back to where it was.

    Last spring, I changed the cable slide to a model that lets the cables stay closer to the center, since I could get enough vane clearance even so. I remember that I had to move my sight pins a bit to the right after that. I don't remember if I also had to re-tune the arrow rest, though. I think I will test this tomorrow with another cable slide that takes the cables more to the side. I would expect the tuning to change.

    I don't recall having noticed a similar tuning issue with my old bow (Martin Phantom II, not a parallel limb bow).
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