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Thread: Had to adjust arrow rest to the right (Onza 3)

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    Thanks for replies everyone!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lab Rat View Post
    Could your draw length change enough to mess up form?
    It is indeed 1/4" longer now than initially. Feels very good still and my bow arm is not overly straight. Don't think so.

    Also could you be getting any rest or facial contact?
    If there was some fault in my Ultra Rest HD, then maybe. Didn't test this with powder or anything, but since I could get the bow back in tune with arrow rest adjustment, so I don't think this is the case.

    Also have you tried a bare shaft?
    No. Paper and broadhead tuning. I use paper test to bring tuning close, then finalize it with broadhead tuning.

    So basically there is no big problem - the arrows fly great now, I just wonder what caused the need to adjust the arrow rest more to the right. One thing though: I use No-peep, and since I also had to adjust my sight pins more to the right, the No-peep blocks the sight picture more than before - it also almost blocks the bubble level of the sight. That's one reason why I preferred my initial tuning. Although this could be fixed by moving the No-peep to an upper position on its mounting bracket.
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