I just purchased a 2012 Martin Scepter V...like an hour ago. Now, for the fun, but costly part. I'm looking at making this a target bow and am looking at rest and sights. I recently switched from a QAD HDX to a TT Smackdown on my Carbon Matrix, so I'm leaning towards a TT for this bow. I've read all the threads with QAD versus Limbdriver versus Code Red versus Revolution versus TT...so I'm pretty set on Trophy Taker, just deciding between a Smackdown with no containment, just the whaletail launcher or a TT Spring Steel Pro. As far as sights, I've looked at HHA, Sure-Loc, Spott Hogg, etc...the liust goes on. Here again, I have a TruGlo MicroBrite on my Carbon Matrix and have no complaints, just looking for a target sight. As far as stabilizers, I'm gonna have to do a little more research on V-Bars, front weight and side weight. Once I get the bow in hand, I'll post some pics...also, I'm sure I'll need to talk to Hutch about some new threads...any input and advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.