Sight came in the mail yesterday, I have it mounted on the Nemesis. My initial thoughts are, this is a solid built sight with that being said I think there are some pros and cons. I have not been able to shoot with it yet so I hope I don't encounter the aforementioned tuning problems, if I do I will bring that up when I get out to sight it in. I will start with the cons, The use of stickers rather then laser etched graduation marks, Stickers on the vibration dampening module, would be better with no stickers at all, and the dovetail set knob will certainly leave a mark on the sight arm. The pros, nicely machined no tool marks, black finish is good, nice bright pins, everything seems to tighten up very solid (I will have to see if this holds true under use), and the option to add optics for target shooting is a nice feature as well. Bottom line for me if this sight does not have problems under use then I will definitely be keeping it. This sight is by far and away the nicest sight I have ever owned in terms of build quality, so I hope it performs as good as it looks.