I bought an Onza 3 Pro online, new (xmas gift to self). Took some arrows and chrony'd them.

Bow is 70lb DW/29"DL and arrows were Easton carboneros 30" @420gr registering 276 fps avg. Tried two different chronys.

ATA of the bow is 33 5/8" and brace is 7 1/2". Factory spec's say these should be 33.25 and 7.25 respectively.

Any ideas why speed is down and what can I do to increase it?

Have an older Martin Phantom with magnum limbs and that is throwing the same arrows at 248fps so I was expecting the ONZA to be alot quicker.

Read all the reviews I could find and watched Ike's Outdoors great youtube clip before commiting to the ONZA.

Help welcome, returning the bow is not practible as I'm down in NZ