Following the advise in the thread I posted earlier, I gained about 24 fps with my old Cat Cams, and about 18 fps with the Nitro cams. Was shooting a 386 gr. arrow, 28.25 draw @70# and getting 301-303 fps after tweaking everything. Probably could have gotten a few more fps, but I was more than happy with those speeds. Basically, I do a little adjustment, then shoot the bow. You will probably find a spot in your adjustments that just feels the best, it may not be at the fastest speed, but that's where I leave my bows. If you adjust past that spot, you'll know. I did it on all of mine, then backed it off to where it shot and felt best for me. ATA and BH were never spot on specs either. Always just a hair off with both. It's just a matter of what feels and shoots best for you.