My Sis told me about a new pro shop near her. 20min from my house. So the new Pastor at our church and I went for a cruise. To my pleasant surprise they're a Martin dealer(also Quest/Prime,Strother,and Elite). So as I was gawking at the '12-'13 Martins I was asked "can I help you?". Needless to say,I spent an hour in the 40yd(!) indoor range w a Silencer w the Fury XT cam,tearing up the Spuderweb range targets. Equipped w only a Dloop n a biscuit, it was a 20yd tack driver. I split the nock on one of the shop arrows on my 3rd shot w/o a sight by using the top of the riser as a make-shift sight pin.

I was impressed by the accuracy of the Silencer. Can only imagine what it would be like w sights and set up for me. It seemed to have blistering speeds at its 29"/59.5# setting. A bit louder than I'm used to, but I'm blaming that on the lack of limb savers and the echo in the range. To get a good sense of quiet, i'd need to shoot out side.

Next trip up I'll be taking my '08 Bengal to do a side-by-side