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Thread: Scepter V info please

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    Default Scepter V info please

    I haven't shot a Martin bow for a while but the new Scepter V looks very interesting to me and I like the specs.

    From the pictures it appears to be more parallel limbed than previous Martin target bows.

    My most recent Martin was a Shadow Cat.

    If you have a current Scpter V or have shot one, please tell me how they compare to previous model Scepters and Shadow Cats and Mystics etc.

    Or even tell me how it compares to other brand target bows you have owned.

    Thanks and best wishes.

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    I've been shooting the scepter V regularly since last may. The draw cycle is smooth, so is the release and the 40" ATA makes it a stable shooting platform. Fast, quiet, accurate.... Need I say more?

    I shopped around a lot before picking this one and it just fits for me. Try it out if you can of course but as far as I'm concerned, it's a real gem out of the martin line.
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    I just purchased a lightly used '11 or '12 Scepter V, I bought it as a '12, but the bow # looks like "11...Just got it today as a matter of's got the stock hammerheads on it...I cut the old d-loop off it, mounted a TT Smackdown drop-away on it and ..tossed a b-stinger I had laying around on it..tied a new d-loop on sight yet, I have a Toxonics Nail Driver Target sight in route...I've had Martins previously, a 2008 Leopard, before it became a short draw bow, and a '10 Pantera....nice shooter, plus I've owned every traditional bow Martin has made recently, stuck with the Bamboo Viper...I've put about 25 shots on the Scepter V and its got to be one of the smoothest drawing bows I've ever shot!...I have the 45-60# limbs, with 2 turns out and the bow was a 27" DL when I got it, but I'm 30 or a little more, so I slid the modules and adjusted the draw stop...I know its to early to say, but this bow is definitely a keeper!!!'s a pic, remember it's a work in progress...I've also got a used Cartel carbon stabilizer system on the way...also, thinking about some new Hutch & Sons threads...
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Scepter V info please

    Shadowcats ruled for 2010 and 2011. The 3 that I had were Black/black, and 2 Carbon blacks. The new Scepter in verison V came out in 2012. Mine was jet black.

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