Hey Guys,
I've been away for quite a while.....about a year or so, I think. Anyway, when I was last here and posting pretty regularly, we had a discussion going on about the Warthog, a bow that I own. I think that mine is a 2010 with the solid limbs, but I do have a question that I was hoping that some of you could help me with. When I last posted, the Warthog was having some teething problems and breaking limbs with good regularity. Does anyone know if that changed after they went to the solid limbs? I'm getting back into shooting my bows again, but don't want to shoot my Hog if it's just going to break it's limbs over and over again. I did have to replace my limbs on that bow before, and the hassle isn't worth it, unless they've really fixed 'em with the new limbs. Any help will be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance......good to be back!