Took a drive up to Cabelas yesterday with my 2 boys and my dad. Had a gift card to burn from xmas. Was planning on picking up some more rounds for the XD, but the gun section was a circus and didn't feel like competing for space to look for what I needed.

Came across the S4 Gear JackKnife bow mount. Holds your phone so you can video your shots. Mounts up to your sight if you haven't seen them. Muddy is coming out with something similar this year that mounts off the stabilizer and since this is something that I'd been working on as a DIY project that kinda fell flat with the Bengal because of the riser design/short stud on the Apache Stabilizer and the way my quiver connects. Anyway, snagged one up and got it mounted up today. Fits pretty well, but had to make some "washers" to get a little more space to clear the bar on my slider. Going to have to get some longer screws to be able to mount my quiver plate to them as well. What I have now isn't long enough to go through the mount, Jack Knife and the spacers for the slider.

Other things we came across - 2011 Pantera in the Barin Cave for $280 (didn't buy) and my Dad picked up a Ghost Blind and carry bag. Looking forward to busting that out during coyote/turkey this year.