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    Sonny Thomas

    Default New 2008 Left hand Leopard/other

    Our shop has one Martin bow left and it's left handed, a 2008 Leopard. Old new bow, never sold, never set up or shot. $160.00 buys it, includes shipping. Manual and mods and all.
    Offer me $140.00 TYD. Boss wants to sell

    Also have 2 white Martin t-shirts, $6.00 Size large.

    Also have some Martin window decals - Make offer per decal. Have no idea what they are worth. $? plus have to have enough for envelope and stamp.

    At shop only on Fridays and Sundays. Shop closing.

    Have some arrows, but forgot list. Blanks with nocks, collars and inserts. At least 2 dozen CE 250 Maxima Hunters (camo), $100 per dozen plus $6.00 shipping. At least 2 dozen CE Terminators (camo), $75 plus $6.00 shipping.

    Bunch of odds and ends later.... Knives, rests, fishing heads, etc.

    Will take pic if wanted......
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    not interested in the bow but i wanted to say it is great to have you back.

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    Welcome back Sonny.

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    PM sent.

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    ya, not that we wanted to steal your thread or anything, but welcome back!

    Oh, and here's a bump for you to get this back on topic...
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default New 2008 Left hand Leopard/other

    Thank you, rabbbit.

    Okay, the shop I work at is closing. I'm working there for shooting previelges...

    All new... Don't what to really ask and what to charge for shipping, for sure no tax. Let's try to dicker, I guess.
    Can take pictures if not knowing what I have here.
    Most all here is advertised here only. Bunch of good guys here and giving them the first shot...

    Make offer;;;;;
    Doinkers - 3" Chubby Hunter 4.9 oz - priced $19.99 each (sold all)
    4 arrow fishing heads - 3 Martins - priced $5.00 each (sold all)
    2 Trophy Taker Drop Zones - priced $79.99 each.
    5 Flipper rests - priced $5.00 each (sold)
    2 The Original Can, estrus bleat - priced $9.99 each
    2 String Jax - priced $11.99 each
    2 Limb Savers, solid limb, 1 camo, 1 black - priced $19.99
    2 Limb Savers string leaches - 6 to package? - priced $11.99
    Full body climbing harness - priced $39.99
    new 1/4# spool of 452X - light green - $20 plus $5 for shipping - Lancaster's shows $50.00

    Got old stuff, old bows from the 1980s and maybe before (PSE, Pearson, Jennings and more), some new, just never sold (original owner died and left all) and odds ends to no end - brand new brass pins and mounting plates (PSE and Fred Bear), old New Tracer with 300 yds of line (still in package). I get lost trying to write down stuff, not alone trying to remember. New in box, old Jennings quivers. Got stuff in the attic I haven't even got into... We are cleaning house...

    All Dead Down Wind and Mrs Doe Pee products - 1/2 price... Depending on weight, probably not worth the bother, but.....

    Mine that I have at the shop...New... Kind of firm.
    Frost hunting knife - black finish - $20.00
    Buck folding hunting knife - black handle - $30.00 XXX Buy both, $55 tyd.
    NAP Freedom Drop Rest with 2 extra heads, full capture, no draw cord required - $30.00 tyd - The rest works, but not for the inexperienced - must maintain hold on wall or safety engages. For .300" OD arrows or smaller.

    Don't need to sell the next 2, might even change my mind, but.....
    TRU Ball ST360 4 finger, red marble - original price $159.99 - New in package with extra spring, but I tried it today and it works great. $100 tyd. (I've got a 3 finger ST360 and 3 Stan hinges, so...)
    Older Sure Loc Challenger 550 with 9" bar, 3rd axis block, and so/so 4X lens with .029" pin, 2 all carbon housings (super light weight), 10/32 screws, original box, works like new - $175 tyd. Only reason I might sell is I bought a Sure Loc Supreme with 2 3rd axis and 2 scopes. (Groan, I've got 4 Sure Locs).

    Got more...but slow due to limited to 2 days and hours ??? The shop is closing, the heat is off and I ain't freezing
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