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    Sonny Thomas

    Default New 2008 Left hand Leopard/other

    Our shop has one Martin bow left and it's left handed, a 2008 Leopard. Old new bow, never sold, never set up or shot. $160.00 buys it, includes shipping. Manual and mods and all.
    Offer me $140.00 TYD. Boss wants to sell

    Also have 2 white Martin t-shirts, $6.00 Size large.

    Also have some Martin window decals - Make offer per decal. Have no idea what they are worth. $? plus have to have enough for envelope and stamp.

    At shop only on Fridays and Sundays. Shop closing.

    Have some arrows, but forgot list. Blanks with nocks, collars and inserts. At least 2 dozen CE 250 Maxima Hunters (camo), $100 per dozen plus $6.00 shipping. At least 2 dozen CE Terminators (camo), $75 plus $6.00 shipping.

    Bunch of odds and ends later.... Knives, rests, fishing heads, etc.

    Will take pic if wanted......
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