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If you don't know how to post a pic, I'm guessing that you also don't know how to resize them, and it is better to resize a pic first, so I'll cover that quickly. Take photo ( LOL ), on your computer open your desired pic in Paint; click Image, click Strech/Skew, and a drop down box appears with two smaller boxes inside labled Strech and Skew, the horizontal box will be flashing (in blue ) 100 % in the Strech box. Just enter another value ( I use 30% because of the size of photo I have my camera set to ) click tab and enter the same number, click OK, then save as what ever name you want ( I save mine in My Pictures ) Now that you're resized, you can now post the pic. This part is easy, so Save this link


Click imagelinky, browse for you pic, select it and click upload. When its uploaded 3 text bars will appear, I usually use the forum link, highlight it ( left click and drag the cursor across the text ), and copy. Return to where you want to post your pic, say whatever you want and hit enter ( to give your self some room ) and paste in you link, now click post
Thanks for the great instructions! I will give it try this evening...hopefully I can get it to work!