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Thread: Feathers?????

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    Default Feathers?????

    I have some 340 Easton Axis arrows that I want to put some 125gn Muzzy Phantoms on and fletch with feathers, 4 or 5 inch. I have never shot feathers on a compond before, give me some ideas you featherfans. 2012 Bengal at 60lbs.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Feathers?????

    ??? 340s a little stiff maybe, but 125 gr head might help. Just me... Looking down range speed, 60 pounds, heavy arrow.....4" feathers, full helical.
    You like them Easton 340s...I've got maybe 16 used, but darn good. what length you use?

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    I've got a 1/2 doz of Easton Axis 340's and 1/2 doz of GT 5575 XT Hunters with 4" feathers that I use in both my bows. I like the way they fly and they seem more accurate than the blazers. My groups are tighter at all distances, I prefer feathers.
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    I have used 5" feathers on my arrows because they give me that little better stabilizing effect. With my new setup though I have gone with 4" feathers. No real reason just an availabilty issue.

    I have found, for me, that the feathers were the better option. Any little tear or warping of the plastic vanes makes the arrows fly more erratic, and I would get what I call flyers. Arrows that were not tight in my group.

    I can loose a chunk of feather and the arrow still flies great and hits with my others. If I get an area where the feather is messed up from another arrow hitting it I can cut it out. Although for hunting I always make sure the arrows in my quiver have perfect fletchings.

    I know those short little vanes are the "thing" now, but the fletchings are what stabilizes the arrow in flight and keeps it flying true. With a heavier point the longer fletching will give you that little better FOC also.

    I have shot groups of arrows with no fletching at all and if the bow is tuned at close yardages they'll group good. Although I never tried this outdoors with wind. Longer fletchings will give you more wind drift on longer shots.


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    And the bad news is that 5 inch feathers will have more drag, and you'll lose down range speed, I shoot 4 inch feathers, my arrow is stabilized quicker than vanes and still mantain some down range speed. YMMV
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    I started my career of bowhunting and competitive shooting almost 40 years ago with feathers. Changed to vanes in the mid 70's mainly because they were more weather proof. Somewhere I changed back to feathers, although I use vanes every once in a while. I still prefer feathers the majority of the time for most of the reasons listed by 4x5.

    The size I shoot depends on what venue I'm shooting. Usually 2" for target and 3D, 4" for hunting. There can be uses for 5", but on carbon arrows today they can be overkill. For one thing they wrap around the shaft too much, plus they can provide too much drag which can actually hurt accuracy at longer distances. Too much drag can make groups open up unless shooting heavier points for increased FOC. If a bow is tuned decently 4" is almost ideal.

    Some people are jumping on the fad of shooting 2" Razyr feathers. I shoot them for 3D, simply because I bought a pack of 50 so I have them. I don't believe them to be the best option for hunting. Regardless of what people think there is nothing majical about Razyrs. They are still a 2" feather and as such don't provide enough drag for broadhead shooting unless the bow is tuned very well and every shot is near perfect, which we know isn't always the case.

    These are my thoughts about feathers. They're old school, but have proved their usefulness for thousands of years.
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