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    Sonny Thomas

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    Most that know me know I don't give praise easily,especially for gizmos and gadgets, so; The True Shot Coach is the real deal. So much so I obtained 3 more, 1 in each size for the shop and to take with me to other archery clubs. A coach near me has also invested in the True Shot Coach, calls it the best training aids to come about. I have to agree. I've had people wrap their finger around a double AA battery and empty spools from the cash register to try to teach them to hold a bow. Don't mind someone touching (touch, no pressure) the front the riser with their index finger, but the other 3 fingers need something to do, like keep out of the way.

    The Sure Shot Coach is a training aid for hand placement to the riser grip. I thought it a good enough device to check out and got one. Maybe not magic, but close enough for new archers, or old archers for that matter, to learn proper hand placement. Proper hand placement aids across the archery board, removes torque, tighten groups close and far and of course increases distance for hunting. The True Shot fits on your hand (adjustable elastic band), can be used to train with or leave on for whatever archery wanted, target or hunting. Once confident without it you can store it and use for a refresher course or loan or sell to some one who needs help. Relative inexpensive if compared to some of the anti-torque grips on the market and no gluing or drilling the riser. The cost is $16.90.

    That's my big mitt in 1st and 3rd pic - Yep, I take a large.
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