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Thread: Anybody thinking of doing different this year!

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    I wont be changing my areas, but I am going to hold out for a larger buck this year. I have vacation starting Nov. 11 should be prime time for the bucks. I do hope to get opportunities for a doe for the freezer. I still have trail cams and feeders out, gotta keep them healthy.

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    It is steady as she goes for me I was very fortunate this year and was able to harvest 4 whitetails this year I made some changes before this last season and am very pleased I did!
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    Default Anybody thinking of doing different this year!

    31 acre home site. Once I sell it I'll probably quit hunting. One, I'm not paying to hunt. Two, I too lazy to get up early to drive somewhere. Spoiled maybe Here, at home, I get up, eat something with 2 or 3 cups of coffee, put on my hunting cloths and walk between 200 and 350 yards to which ever of the 5 deer stands I have up. I like to get to my stand just as the pink rose color of morning shows. If by 8:30 am and nothing I'm heading for the house. In the afternoons, 3:30 pm in the stand is good and I'll stay til dusk. I re-started bow hunting in year 2000, I believe and just this year numbers, 33, 34 and 35 went in the deep freezer.

    Our property is more of a crossing area, sometimes feeding area (depending on what we have in our fields), and we have some bedding areas. Some luck makes things happen and we've been skunked a couple of times. Now, being skunked is nothing to be ashamed of, but them suckers also have the mean streak of eating in our yard and around my bench rest on my target range, even bedded down behind my target wall. Yeah, a big 10 pointer. Never got up until the 2nd shot and then just looked around like; "what's going on?" Grrrrrrrrrrrr!

    I mostly time deer and then check for deer paths and changes. No hunting cams up. Quick tour of the property on my ATV is enough to give me what I want.
    Deer? We got them. Several times this year I watched as many as 32 deer in the field next to ours. 10 were bucks of differing size and color. And there was is one stand out 8 point buck. He's body was more of a blue roan, black socks, black outlines and a black strip down his back right out to the tip of his tail. A few years back I saw a doe of this color. She came and went at my deer stand as she pleased as she was just to pretty to shoot.

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    Gonna be a weekend warrior for whitetail this year due to my using all of my vacation for Idaho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gravedigger View Post
    insted of just setting up camp on going on day to day hunts and heading back to camp my hunting buddy and i are going to spend 3-5 days tracking down the elk make camp when light falls and start off at the same will save a lot of walking.
    this plan is canceled.last year i got back a bit over 3k in taxes.bought a house and all was good.just filed taxes and now i owe.i though buying a house helped at the end of the year.

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    Well... instead of just whitetail hunting I'll be hunting black bear. I think that'll be enough of a change for me for one year!!

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