A retired bowhunter sold this to my Chief hunters Ed instructor several years ago. We were using it for Hunter ed training until The state changed the laws this year and we can no longer bring in our personal firearms and bows to help with training. They now learn with Orange non firing firearms. Anyways, The chief instructor had no need for it so i bought it off her for 100 bucks.

It's a PSE Phaser-flite bow with strings, sight, rest, older release, strap, all metal stabilizer, 11 aluminum arrows with field points and 7 NAP Broadheads...They rotate around the ferrule. Basically the fella quit shooting the bow and sold it as how he had it for hunting. it's a 31 DL with 55-70 DW. it's too long for me but it shoots. It will make a nice addition to my collection. it comes with the case too.