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    Sonny Thomas

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    A little info. In the nut shell, check spring tension, but read. Has what I went through.

    Just spent a week inspecting and tearing my bow down trying to find out what the heck was going on.
    Started I think a month ago and sort of went away, came back for a bit one day and went away and then bombed at a 3rd Indoor Qualifier. Luckily, I has amassed enough points to make the main Shoot Down coming this April. The Tournament uses the best of 2 of 3 Qualifiers. Right now I'm sitting in 13th with 49 in class.

    Well, my arrows started dropping like a brick out past 23 to 25 yards. At 30 yards it dropped some 4" and more. I even missed a target because of the arrow drop.

    Friends and shooters saw that something was wrong. After the Qualifier I had 3 people look my bow over. KK, a ASA Pro Shooter. M?, a ASA Pro Shooter, and a long time shooter and bow mechanic. So four of us. We found nothing. KK even shot my bow and it did the same thing for me, shoot dead on and then drop out of the sky.
    Stopped at the shop on the way home and checked everything and I mean everything. All was like it was supposed to be. And then it began happening at 20 yards....

    That our bow press wouldn't handle the MarXman I went to another local archery shop. Nothing. Not darned thing was found and the mechanic there tore my bow down to the axles. All was put back together, and checked piece by piece. I shot it and the same darned thing, dead on for one shot or more then drop way low and stay there. Just a back and forth thing.

    Finally, the (brave) mechanic had me hold at full draw and fiddled with the rest. It was working, but he thought dropping too fast. So we re-set the spring tension. Presto! Magic! I was dead on at 20 yards and murdered the X ring. Now, this rest has some age, but had worked flawlessly on three other bows and some 40,000 shots. So I don't know if the set screw had been slipping or the spring had gotten weak. 40,000 shots and yeah, the set screw could have slipped over time, but a spring weakening? And had oiled the rest with Remington Light oil. Typing this I just remembered something. The fork of the launch arm had been hitting the shelf and giving a ringing sound for some time. Didn't really bother me, but some said they could hear it. So I re-adjusted so it was off the shelf and I even added felt pads. You can just barely make out the felt pads in the picture, one for each tang.

    Total people involved; 6 and my bow tore down to the axles thinking maybe a bad bearing.

    Anyway, went home to give it a test hop for longer than 20 yards. Now, I got beat up pretty bad plowing snow, like the blade caught 2 or 3 times and liked to rip me forward off the ATV. My hands swelled hand, my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt and my multi injured/healed back was hurting. So the shooting, holding at full draw and more shooting earlier wasn't helping things. I had to take a few shots to make the hurtin' loosen up, but saw that I was pretty much on. I finally took the best 4 shots I could make. Would have been 5 except I busted nock to start and started all over.
    First pic is of the 4 shots from 30 yards. Second pic is of the rest - green line for present setting of set screw and lavender line (ain't sayin', pink) is where the set screw was.

    No, that isn't a rough riser. That's the paint texture. They got a word for it, but it well reminds me of the orange peal paint of years ago. Actually, outside and the sun shining, the bow glistens and quite pretty.
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    Looking for another one - Says that there should be enough tension on the rest to not have the arrow bounce when it comes up.

    Can't find the video, but here is a thread about it on AT ...

    Definitely want to keep an eye on things like this even though it is something that could easily overlooked. Good post to bring that to anyone's attention that might have a similar issue in the future
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