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Thread: 2007 Bengal $$$ ????

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    Default 2007 Bengal $$$ ????

    Any idea what a good asking price would be for one 35-50 lb limbs. Serial says was built in 2006.
    I was going to do a NOS B cam swap on it but money is tight and just can't swing it!
    Any info would be great!

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    I just picked up an '08 Bengal loaded w a hard case minus arrows for $150. Mine has the Mpro cam. I had an '08 Cheetah that I gave $100 for and my nephew got a leftover 2010 Cheetah from the pro shop for $150.
    '14 ChillR 28.5"/74# Extreme Recon sight,Schaffer Opposition rest,LS modular stab, Beman ICS Hunter 340

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