I've been a trad shooter for over 3 years now and I've been thinking of grabbing a compound bow but I wanted one that wouldn't break the bank and the Threshold is right on the mark, I've read a lot about it but it seems that the bow had some problems back in 2010 and 11, regarding cams going beyond stopping point and cams leaning towards the right or something like that. Anyway I just want to know if anyone had ordered a threshold no later than 2012? if so did any of these or other problems arise? and lastly, this bow is made in the USA right? I've seen post saying it was Taiwanese or Taiwanese riser but american limbs and cam. According to some posts it's a rebranded compound bow from Poelang archery in Taiwan, here's the bow http://www.archerymarker.com/eng/pro...cid=58&pid=178 the resemblance is quite striking and yes I got a bias for made in the USA