The UPS santa droped off my Nemesis today. This bow is sweet. Way better in person, that in pics. Wife even said, wow that's a neat looking bow. I really like the way this bow feels and cant wait to dress it up and take it out for a shoot.
I am a little surprised the way it was shipped though. It was in the box, still in sealed plastic bag. And a manual was in the box also. That's it "no packing" The bow just slapped around in the box, and there was a couple of golf ball sized holes poked through the box. I am pretty sure it was shipped from Martin, because the tracking info started out in Walla Walla WA. Bow seems to be ok, just surprised there was no packing in with it to keep it safe.
Now for a couple of questions. I have seen post on here talking about identifying what limb are on a bow. But the markings talked about don't match mine. Can someone tell me what 3L 11/12 stands for? And are these good limbs? Also I am wondering how to decode my bow # it is 1234580.
Thank you for the help