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Thread: I feel like its Christmas. My Alien Nemesis showed up today. Got a couple questions.

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    welcome to the Martin family.

    its all depent whether you wan this Nemesis to be a target bow or hunting bow. accessories wise, i would say its just easy to fit in.

    mine used to be hunting setup, but now i more in target shooting, so the setup is on the target shooting side.

    Revolution rest from trophy ridge is just a great rest for me, and works well for my Nemesis, that the one recommendation i can give. Also depends on what fletching you using. i had problem with 4-5 inch vanes, coz once the revolution rest on the position, the jaws has contact with the vane. But i used short Blazer vane, and never had problem with the rest, and clearance.

    Hope this helps you.

    3L/3M/3H eventually will give you the poundage you wan. 3series limb should be a 35-50LB limb if not mistaken. 3L might give you 48# max, but u still can twist the cable to reach 50#, 3M might gives us 53# max, still you need to untwist the cable to set 50#, else the limb is bend too hard at rest, same goes to 3H.
    Not much different with the L/M/H. afterall u need to set it at 50# twisting the cable.
    BUT its all up to you how u see the limb deflection. Right now dont confuse you.
    Get it setup, BOW porn pic to show all the bro and sis here, and

    Happy shooting.

    U will be addicted to this bow. i just love mine.

    To me this Gen1 Nemesis design is one of the kind, and no other bows actually looks like it, tat why its in my hand. ahahahahaha.....

    My next bow will still be a Nemesis, definately will be the GEN2 NEMESIS 35. (still saving money for it)
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    Never owned a nemesis but I have a nemesis 35 on the way in frost white. I owned an onza and for 3d and hunting my hha sight was a great investment and also my nap Apache stabilizer good luck dressing and shooting your new toy.
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