I've been using my Martin Saber takedown for over a month now, but only yesterday did i switch from three under too split finger shooting. I find i get a better release and can group my arrows much more now. But, my groupings are hitting to the right of the target consistently.

Now i dont know how i never realised this before but my bow is not cut to centreshot, meaning if i nock the arrow on the string and line my eye down - it is pointing quite a way to the right. I am thinking this is why the arrow is hitting right of target. But i dont understand why i havent had this problem while shooting three under. Maybe because i am using a slightly different anchor point now?

My question to you is, has anyone else had this problem and what can be done to sort it? I am using just a plain stick on arrow rest and shooting instinctive. Could i use something to put under the rest to make the arrow line up towards centre more?

Something else to note is i did some bare-shaft tuning a couple weeks ago and found that my arrows were hitting right of the target. At the time i thought they were too stiff but i'm thinking what i've said above is the problem.