Hey guys,
Ive been looking at making the jump to Martin archery for quite a while now, probably 5-6 years. I have spent a lot of time here and on AT reading topics pertaining to martin and also researched all the reviews I could find and tried to handle Martin bows when I seen them at the shops.
I have not been able to do any shooting in the last few years, because of work, kids, and several remodeling projects. But recently I decided I was going to start shooting and hunting again, NO MATTER WHAT. So I figured it would be a good time to make the switch to Martin (even though they are for sale). I just really like the feeling I get from martin and there history. They seem to have some really good products and customer service, along with good old family values. At least that's the impression I get.
So, I bought a 2011 rytera nemesis (witch turned out to be a 2012.) online. Then I told the wife, figured its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Upon telling my wife about the new purchase, she commented something to the effect of "wye do you always get what you want, sure would be nice if I could get something to." ........ Ah ha, I seen my chance to buy another bow! So I found her a 2010 crossfire. This should be perfect for her, cuz she is pretty short and has short arms. I think she is going to be a 24.5 draw.
Ok, so she seemed ok with everything and even a little bit excited. So I thought to my self, self this don't happen very often and your on a roll. SO I BOUGHT A BLADE X4 , for my daughter! Well I guess I made the jump to Martin!

Ok, now Im getting to the problem. My nemesis showed up a couple of day ago. I haven't done much with it yet, but seems really nice. Score 1 for Martin! The blade x4 shows up today. Upon first inspections it seems to be a nice little bow. Got a few finish issues, but ok. Looking at it further I notice the grip is messed up a little. One of the wood inlaid pieces, that have the writing on then, apparently did not fit right in the cutout and was not seated and glued down. Ok, not a problem, I will try to trim it a little and glue it down. So I set the draw and length as short as possible so the wife could give it a pull. Maybe still a little long, the crossfire should fit her perfect. She was happy holding the bow and was excited about it. So I thought I would try to tweek the bow a little more, throw a sight and rest on it, and see if I could have her sling a few arrows before dark!
While setting it up I notice the minimum draw is about 1.5 inches longer than it should be, and ata is 1.5 inches long also. I am still trying to remain positive, eventhough all these little problems are starting to add up. I didn't pay for a used bow, I paid for a new 2013! ....So I continue on. Oh yeh, there was no manual in the box the bow came in, just the bow. Anyway, next problem. The sts needed adjusted in, its holding the string back. So I take out the two little set screws, and the rod will not budge at all. I fought this quite a while, wiggle, pull, pry, BEAT, VISE GRIPS AND ALL THE BEFORE MENTIONED AT THE SAME TIME. Finally I got it out. And its not carbon fiber like advertised, its aluminum. And I have it all scarred up and bent to heck by now By this time its dark, so guess the wifey wont be slinging any arrows tonight. After a hour of sanding and bending on the rod, and trying to sand out the hole in the riser, I seem to have it to where I can slide it in the hole. Still tight and binds alittle, but at least I can get it in. But I don't have the adjustment I need, still to tight against the string. So what do ya think, should I go ahead and cut a 1/4 inch or so off the end of it, then slide the bumper back on? Before I came in to eat supper and vent on the computer, I also noticed that the cables were setting way into the feathers on my arrow. The slide shaft seemed to be bent quite a bit to the left (toward arrow). Do ya think the rod is bent or is that for adjustment? Really not trying to bash Martin, but all these problems tonight have got me really upset. I know no bow is 100% perfect but, this bow seems to be a piece of junk. I thought the blade x4 would be a really sweet bow, but this one sure isn't. Should I have to pay for a NEW bow, and have something show up that has one thing after another wrong with it?
Well hopefully with a little patience and some help from you guys, this bow still can turn out "ok"

I realize that I should have just made a list of things wrong and sent it to Joel. But after waiting for it in the mail, I wasn't to excited about putting it back in the mail. I figured I could fix a few little problems. But it seems a few problems turned into a bow that could not of had any QC what so ever. I sure hope my nemesis and crossfire don't give me all these problems!!!
Any and all help will be greatly appriceated.