I've been the course of 4" Vanes, Nap Quick Fletch ( too pricy), Twisters, Norway Fusions, Blazers, now some 4" Shield Cut Trueflights. End result for me is Blazers on a Ariz. Mini and feathers with a right Arizona that I used my Dremel Tool to widen the opening just enough to use it with feathers. The feathers are the best to 30 yrds. Arrow prep is, cut to my 29" lenght by taking 1" off the nock end and then square the nock end, cut arrow to 29" and square the insert end before inserts are glued in, final square of the inserts to get my broadheads lined up and I'am done. Lately been really piling the 340 Axis with feathers out to 30 yards. Gobblers are gonna catch a Muzzy 125 Phantom if I can get one into 30 yards.