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Thread: Vibration = shoulder pain??

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    Default Vibration = shoulder pain??

    I've noticed that the side of my left arm (right hand shooter) has been a little painful when doing some day to day activities. I mentioned this to a hunting friend and she said it might be vibration coming from my bow. Now it doesn't hurt to lift and hold my bow in place l and I'm not really feeling anything either when I shoot (not that I would know the difference since I'm only shoot the one bow). I don't have a stabilizer on my bow nor anything else other than what came on the bow from Martin.
    Could that be the cause? Vibration moving up my arm?
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    I had the same thing with my left arm. I was sacred that it was the rotator cuff. I laid of a few weeks and it got better. I think it was over shooting and pushing the bow outwards with my left arm. Back to shooting and watching it, not over shooting. I do have stabilizers and limb Savers.?
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Vibration = shoulder pain??

    The Martin Bengal is one of Martin's finest bows and I doubt the vibration it has (dang little) is the cause.

    Rule out rotor cuff, Carpal or Cubical tunnel syndrome. Torn rotor cuff and you'd be hurting in the shoulder and pretty much big time. Normally, when the rotor cuffs tears it may come on gradual and hurt like the dickens or there is a sharp pain and can be worse. Carpal tunnel is nerve blockage in the wrist and effects the thumb and first two finges. Cubical tunnel is nerve blockage at the elbow and effects the ring and pinky finger (can give effects of ring and pinky finger cold and colder yet when it's cold, like freezing.

    How old are?
    What draw weight do you have?
    Is draw length correct for you?
    Elbow bent, slightly bent, straight or locked at full draw?
    What part of the side of your left arm? Upper or elbow or muscle from elbow down?
    Usually Tennis elbow is the sore tendon of the muscle going down.

    Many of us shoot bows at the tune of some 15,000 to 16,000 shots per year and no problem. I forget the given loss of strength with back to back shots but example; 1st shot - 100%, 2nd - 93%, 3rd - 80%, 4th - 70% or less. So stressing weakened muscles ain't good for shooting, ain't good for you physically. We that shoot a lot tend to give the bow arm and back some 15 to 17 seconds to recover to 100%. And the older we get more time may be needed. I'd not the time limits for shooting the NFAA 5 spot, 4 minutes (48 seconds per shot) and Vegas face, 2 1/2" minute (50 seconds per shot). And some shooters take every second of the time limits.
    And these shooters aren't shooting bows of heavy draw weight. So figure 20 seconds in between shots for a draw weight that is heavy for you.
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