Hi guys, if you have been looking at my posts lately you may find that I recently bought an alien nemesis. This brings up that I no longer need my 2010 cheetah. My wife strangely wants to start shooting a bow of her own. She is s fan of pink, so the craze caught her eye at a local shop, until she held it. She said it just didn't feel right in her hand. This got me thinking.... what if I just swap the 70# power tough limbs out for 50# ones so she doesn't have to fight drawing back and can really enjoy shooting? I don't know what sort of poundage she is capable of, and she may be able to draw the 60# limbs if I backed then way off. Just don't see her drawing the 55-60 lbs that my limbs would be at backed way off. Any problem in swapping limbs like this? Also.... if she does love it, I told her we can do a sweet pink string and wrist sling set up from hutch, and then she still gets to be girly. She doesn't think she will hunt, but just enjoys hobbies with her hubby and wants to try it out.