Hey guys, I have a question on my nemesis. In setting the rest, I have set my nock height. But in setting my center shot I noticed the string is nowhere close to being lined up with the center of the riser. Is this normal on the nemesis? I went ahead and set center shot with my (medicine stone), and this leaves the rest adjusted all the way to the left. I am using a qad fall away, and the left side of the fall away will not be hitting the flat part of the self when it falls. It is going to catch the high part of the vem.
Am I wrong in setting my center shot parallel to the riser?
Those of you that have a nemesis, when you eyeball your string from behind. Is it way to the left also?

Another thing strange is my sight seems to be cocked to the right a little. Do I need to shimm my sight mount somehow?

I have set up several bows in the past and have not ever had any problems, I just must not be familiar with martin enough.

I appreciate any help.