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    Default As promised...

    Here are the pics of my new 2012 Pantera, annnnnd my girlfriends matching Pantera! Originally I was just going to get a bow but then she saw the other one with the cloaked cams and fell in love. Well the price was right and tax returns helped so we both walked out with new bows. These bad boys are shooters and soooo smoooooth! We are loving them so far and both shooting good so far. In fact she shot and placed first in the womens division this past weekend at the 3-D shoot. Thanks to all here for the help in deciding which bow to pick, couldnt be happier.Mine and Kats bows 005.jpgMine and Kats bows 006.jpgMine and Kats bows 007.jpgMine and Kats bows 008.jpgMine and Kats bows 009.jpg

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    Nice bows
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    Beautiful!!! Congrats and thanks for sharing
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    Very NICE! Thanks for sharing!
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    Smooth shooters for sure!

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    Couple of nice looking rigs. Always thought the Pantera was a nice, clean looking bow.
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