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Thread: single pin sight and the heavy arrow anyone ?

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    Default single pin sight and the heavy arrow anyone ?

    I've been thinking of shoot a small diameter arrows like axis or bloodsports ht1 or gold tip kinetic all which is 10 gr per inch so wonder if single pin would work great with heavy arrow from 10 to to 30 on ground blind? well the past time i shoot a different bow with single pin and GT velocity xt and it use pin in same spot without move up or down ?

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    Naturally a heavier arrow is going to drop more than a lighter arrow at those distances. How much more it drops is probably not going to be significant. However, the only way to know for sure is to get one and shoot it for comparison.
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    I went from Victory Force V3 at 29 @ 403g to Axis 340 29 @ 420g, and yes at least a a pin drop starting at 25-30 yards and beyond. Greater drop from 40-70 yard. I do like the Axis, the VAPs looking interesting. The bow was set at 70lbs at 29" draw.
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default single pin sight and the heavy arrow anyone ?

    I've used a single pin for several years for hunting. My rig cranked right at 270 fps with a 380 gr arrow. I learned the flight of my arrow. I know there is no such thing as a one pin bow - hold the same for up close and out to 30 yards, least wise I've never owned a one pin bow that shot dead on out to 30 yards. Things are too iffy hunting and I want as near as possible wanted point of impact.

    Having learned the flight of my arrow I set my pin so my arrow impacted just above the pin at 25 yards.
    For 15 yards I held low about 3 to 4". For 20, about 2" low. For 25, dead on. For 30, a tad bit high. For 35, the top of my pin level with the top the back of 3D deer. For 40, bottom of my pin on top the 3Ds back. This gave solid 10 ring hits.
    My shortest kill shot on a deer was 7 yards - and actually held just a tad high. My longest, 36 yards.

    For really short distances, like the above 7 yards, the arrow hasn't had distance to reach the pin - arc of the arrow, trajectory. Customers normal bow, no speed demon, I set the pin 3 3/4" above the arrow - this measurement coming the arrow full up - prongs style or fixed type rest is easy - drop rests need the launch arm raised. This 3 3/4" height equates to give fairly dead on at 20 yards. Probably needs to go to Bow tuning tips. Pin 3 3/4" up from arrow, pin leftly left of string and you're in the ball park.....

    I show people what drop they have at the shop. I let them sight in for 20 yards and then move them back to 30 yards. Using the same pin there is usually a good 4 to 5 inch drop.
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