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Thread: Blade Rest for Hunting?

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    Default Blade Rest for Hunting?

    I just got my Alien Z back from Martin and am trying to acquire some accessories to set it up since I am now using the QAD rest on my Alien X. I put an HHA single pin slider on it with a 4 inch extension and a Quicktune prong rest on it for now. I really am liking the Quicktune rest over the drop away -- this kind of surprises me a little. I don't like the fact that it contact the fletching since I am using an extreme helical fletching, but I like its simplicity and perceived accuracy. I am kind of thinking of putting a blade rest on it. Do any of you use a blade rest for hunting instead of a drop away?

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default Blade Rest for Hunting?

    I use a QuikTune 3000 on my hunting rig, have for years. I use 2 to 3 degrees of offset and don't have a problem steering fixed broadheads. I also have a old 5 degree helical clamp I have for my Martin jig. This 5 degree helical clamp gives good clearance for prong style rests - prongs properly adjusted. Seems people are a little timid at pulling a rest so to really set the prongs to the arrow. With the QuikTune, just pull the block and adjust the prongs for best clearance - center between vanes.

    QuikTunes, especially the 3000, are darn good arrow rests. Super fine adjustment for center shot and height, great spring tension adjustment. The 3000, SpotHogg and 3D Rover are in a class of their own. For several years I used the QT3000 for 3D and Spots and can't fault it one bit.

    I take it you mean the blade that comes with the QuikTune? They have no give, just a strong steel launch arm, so not like a lizard tongue. I had clearance issues with full helical.

    3D is one thing, like a trophy buck of a life time isn't going to missed. Hunting is another. Your is sort at the mercy of the elements, wind, and brush. Randy Ulmer once penned that he lost a shot at a superb animal (mule deer or goat) because the wind blew his arrow off the lizard tongue.

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    I agree 100% with Sonny on the Quiktune 3000, have one on my hunting rig and one on my 3D/Field bow.
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    My local shop had QT2000 rest for 22 dollars, I can say it's by far and away the best 22 dollar accessory on my Nemesis. Rock solid and easy to tune, my fixed Muzzy broadheads fly great.

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    I can't say much about a blade rest I never used one but I do have a quick tune 3000 on my alpine whisperflight and I have harvested a lot of deer with it. I always shot the thunder head 125 fixed blades out of it and never had any problems. I would say it was probably one of the best rests I have owned.
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    can someone post a pic of a properly set quick tune, i have one on the Firecat and ... well ... played with it , Hutch put a video on for basic set up and the guy mentions spinning the loop to adjust for center shot. So how should the shaft rest in the prongs before i fine tune in center shot with the the loop
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