Best tip I know of; Don't drive yourself nuts!
Yeah! There are so many different tuning procedures and everybody and their brother having a article or their way doing it.

Basic tuning - probably the best for alround for getting the bow shooting reasonably darn good. Most would be good right here and forget the rest.

Walk Back tuning; Fairly nice, short distance and gets the job done darned well. I use it for most all my customer and myself. 10 ft and 30 yards is what I use. ??? I think it was my 2010 Shadowcat I did this with and I won a novelty shoot, 2" clay disc at 53 yards. Drilled that sucker twice.

Modified French Tuning; Probably works, but I got started with the full French tuning procedure and never checked out the Modififed version.

French Tuning Procedure; Notably the finest tuning procedure for setting center shot. 9 feet to out where you can still hit with the same pin. I can usually keep on a target butt out to 55 and 60 yards. The longer the distance the more perfect center shot is. Shot Outdoor and Field for 3 years and placed and won my fair share of times. Have link if anyone is interested.

Yoke tuning; I tune a yoke for cam lean, not fine tuning something I don't need fine tuned. See next.

Kitchen Sink tuning; Glanced over this the other night. Lord have mercy. To me this is yoke tuning, but for other reasons. Why would you tinker with the yoke when you tinkered with it to eliminate cam lean? Ain't saying it doesn't work, just why drive yourself nuts?

Bare shaft tuning; I'd rather take my wife shopping. This works, but having spoke with technicians that do this for a living, I'd not need it. First, bare shaft tuning is better done with the arrow weighted in the area of where the vanes will be with the same weight of the vanes (Scotch or electrical tape). Techs told me they have shot accurately out to 60 yards (2" groups).

Paper tuning; Works, but figure it one step towards fine tuning your bow. I will not paper tune for someone. I will help them with adjustments, but that's it. Okay, my natural shooting is not the same as others. I paper tune and get great results and the owner takes the bow home, shoots through paper and rips it to shreds. So; "That bow mechanic down there doesn't know what he's doing!"

Super tuning; Normally this is someone getting best performance from a bow. People send bows out for this. Duh? See Paper tuning. Yep, I can crank a few more rpms out of a bow, but how much do you want to pay for it? And if something goes wrong, dropped, new rest, different arrow, different draw lenght, you want to pay for another Super Tune?