Bow tuning tip; Record information for your bow...bow you presently shoot that it.
Just posted this in my ranting weather Post. Tore my bow down to the bare riser, checked everything, put it back together with new rest, new tied string nocks and new d-loop. How close was I to what it was for sights? Dead on! Unbelievable, but true. Yes me did get it that close... horizontal adjustment, center shot, I knew I was dead in the X before. I just moved the rest until I dead in the X again. Shot back to 40 yards and still in the bull's eye. Feeling good this morning...well, about how the bow came out, I picked on the X ring of the 40 yard Pronghorn insert and caught the X ring at 11:00. If the weather cooperates I'm hitting the 3D course...but probably tomorrow as it is misting and calling for rain and dang overcast right now at 9:16 am.