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I've used both Blazers and Fusion (Neon's). Like Ehunter said just rotate vanes slightly to the right for cable clearance. I've had some clearance issues and one of the fixes with the rotating vanes was to replace the stock slide with a Saunders Hyper glide which brings the Cables in closer to the cable bar. I use the Fusion Neon's vs. blazer currently with AAE glue and have had few issues. You need to insure that you clean the vane with 70% or better alcohol and prep the shaft. How I prep shaft is to insure that the old vane and glue is removed by scraping off with a razor blade or vane removing tool. I slightly sand and use alcohol and let dry. I like the Fusion as I can see the fletching really well compared to other that I have used. They are stiffer also.

is it 2" or 3" fusion in thi spic look like 2 inch, and it does look like AAE v max shape like fusion