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    Sonny Thomas

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    Me tired. Just got a little serious with one of the new hinge releases I have. Got them a while back and just sort of tinkered and not all that much and then I wasn't really impressed either. I like less, not more movable parts and both have this head thingy that allows for a crosspin that works as a setup/safety tool. Crosspin in place and you can fire it, but it won't release the string. Kinda neat...and still.... Stan did keep the same set up for making fine adjustments. So much easier than the hinge releases that have the half moon. Turn set screw in for faster, out for slower - that simple. Something of a nylock eliminates a lock down screw

    I get asked of back tension and see so many requests of getting started with a hinge. For me, though I have to get back in the swing of things, makes me so much more aware of things. The hinge has me stay on target better. You aim and aim and aim and don't think about triggering the release (there ain't one). Once oriented the pin is there and the shot just plain happens. Back before I sold my 2 Stan Deuce hinges (idiot me) I finally got the nerve to use in in League action, the NFAA 5 spot. And I was still nervous. I fired a 299 with 50 some Xs. I will never (and never is a long time, so...) forgive this PSE Staff shooter for talking me out of them (Semi Pro).

    At first I wanted the 2 finger Onyx (no thumb barrel - Stan calls it the Pulling Post) and then changed my mind and went with the BlackJack with Pulling Post. And I had to move my peep a tad so not to angle my head. So I tried the BlackJack today of all days. Whether; Overcast a bit, which was okay. A chilling breeze didn't help - like my bow was going everywhere and I got the heebie jeebies. So I had to quit. Later, breeze died down and I went at it. Mercy. It's been a while since I used a hinge. So I got it close and gave it a try. And like my back didn't want to work. So more testing to get my back tension going. The first couple of shots were rough getting off. A third was even harder. To the bench and a about a 1/4 turn faster. Mucho better, but still not quite right, but then still struggling with getting my back working correctly.
    Finally got going and did pretty good, but I was one tried puppy after 5 shots. Beings I didn't want to change sight settings I considered these quality shots though off a tad. Rested a bit and chilling wasn't conductive I gave it one more try (been at it for probably a hour in 38 degree weather). I messed up and turned one loose (not really happy with the position of the Pulling Post). Settled down and fired 5 more shots. Back must have been starting to work as the shots went off better.
    See pic below.

    I have a link to get to John Dudley's Articles - have to go through NockOnTV and click on articles - he has quite a few that caught my interest, hunting and target. I also have a detailed account of setting up a hinge release by this individual and it's just about on par with some of the Pros that replied in AT thread...early last year I believe. All Pros do not use back tension as you might think. Some cheat the hinge in one manner or another. I'll stick John's links and hinge write up in the next reply.
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