Hi guys,
I have a shadowcat 2010 that was half-dryfired (cat 1.5 cam) and the bottom cam got slightly bent.
I have been trying to find someone with a pair of those cams on AT to buy,
or to try to contact someone from Martin to see if these could be available to purchase.

So far no luck.
I got only one guy offering me the 2008 Cat cam, but neither him nor me know if the 2008 cat cam and 2010 cat 1.5 are the same?

Does anyone know anything about this?

Also, I have tried to contact martinarchery tech support, but no reply (must have been more than 10 days now).

In any case, I have got a pair of spare limbs for the shadowcat, it is still shootable with the bent cam, however, I'd like it to be as better as possible, so I want to replace the bent cam... How can I get help on this?