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    Sonny Thomas

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    The shop slowly closing, all of the target wall has been sold off except for what the boss wanted to keep, 6 bales.
    Pacific bales are one tough bale and I bought two of them, one with the burlap and one with the canvas cover. Of the wall some of the bales hadn't been turned in 3 years and still stopping arrows.
    So set up a target butt, stacked. I had a long length of 6X6 my dad dumped off as he longer needed a drive divider. I set four concrete blocks to start, long end to the shoot line. Next, I cut and placed one 6X6 on top, to the shoot line. I then cut two to cross over first 6X6s. Then came the bales. My dad, collector and keeper of much, had several canvases just taking up space and he gave me one. This covers all when not in use. I plan to build a movable roof out of some aluminum roof sheeting I have.
    As set I can reach 35 yards easily. That it is south of the yard there is some wind protection, a picnic table right by the 25 yard marker. Not show is the several shot up replacement centers from Rinehart targets, stumps I call them. Turned they stop arrows with no problem whatsoever. And another free item as shot up centers are given to club members.
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    Looks great where is the invite to come shoot?
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    Sonny Thomas

    Default target butt added

    Well, if you're in the neighborhood, give me a shout. Got plenty of cardboard cut for NFAA and DAIR targe faces and plenty target faces of 5 spot, single spot and DAIR.
    I'd suggest when it's a bit warmer. I took that pic well before winter hit.

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