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    Sonny Thomas

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    Saw this review of glues the other day. I am no lab technician that can analyze glue characteristics or break downs of glue. I just know what works and to me, prepping the arrow shaft is paramount.

    Bohning glue was said to be on the bottom end of things, low grade for carbon and lower for that of fletching aluminum arrows. Said was Bohning acknowledging a weakness due to resins no longer available. I don't know this for fact and the only way Fact can be accepted is speaking with Bohning, not some write up they had no hand in.

    I fletch arrows...carbon arrows. Aluminum is almost a thing of the past when hunting or 3D is the need. Yes, aluminum is good and I've thought of buying some, but still, carbon arrows are the leaders now.

    I use Bohning Platinum Fletch-Tite glue for virtually 100% of the shop's and my needs. For the better part of 3 years I fletched something of 1 dozen arrows per week at the shop. No one has chewed my butt. No one has beat me about the head and shoulders. I have not heard complaints coming from other people or shops. If nothing else there are a couple shops and people that are my "best customers." Yep, I've re-done quite a few arrows because of them.

    Holding qualities. Now, glue is to hold the fletching on for a good period of time, not fail through normal use. It also should have qualities that go towards the next fletching of. Yep, it has to come off reasonably well, not like steel welded to steel. And I have had some arrows that were a royal pain to scrap glue from. Some glue removal even took off the outter coating of arrows. This is not good.

    Along with qualities is what type glue is recommended by vane makers. Most don't claim a certain glue, but qualities desired, if you can understand the technical stuff they have in print. I use Platinum with every brand of vanes, Bohning, AAE, Duravane, Fusions and whatever. Read some complaints of different brands not sticking and Fusions stood out for a while, but I never had any issues other than the base rippling. "They'll fall off!" Well, I've have some that haven't fell off and this going on over a year.

    I am not sponsored by Bohning. I'm not cutting down other glues or people who wish to use other glues. What works for you, works.

    I may have stated it in some other post, but will give again; I've tested vanes and several in one day and usually real quick. 5 to 7 minutes is enough time to turn for the next vane. I also have been known to shoot arrows right out of the jig, give maybe five minutes through taking the arrow and my bow to the indoor range and selecting what target I want to use. BUT! I don't shoot through targets or cardboard and when pulling the arrow I make sure my hand won't slip to run over freshly glued vanes.

    Sudden jars dislodging vanes glued with Platinum? I don't think so.
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