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Had a little bit of trouble tuning, but that ended up being the fault of the drop away not being set right. It is dead quiet though! And since you're a bigger guy it does seem to fit you way better than the 32" ATA bows you've been shooting the last few years.

Bow tuned at almost dead 0 both vertically and horizontally; I'd say it turned out alright considering that after a rough tune and set up you hit that apple at 40 yards.... well you skinned the apple, I pegged it dead center with my Onza .
Sure rub it in. But concidering i havent really shot a bow since september (long story), i'd say i did purdy guuud. Factor in that i cant step out my back door and shoot anytime i want and thats even better.

But your right, I i did have some issues tuning it, thanks again for the hand there.

Now i have shot wabbits onza and he has shot my nemesis, in my opinion, they are very simular. If your looking at both and cant decide consider this. I am 6' and have a wing span of 75", the longer ata fits me perfect. I can hit all my anchors and the nemesis feels natural in my hands. Wabbit is around 5'9" with a shorterwing spa and the onza fits him very well. The choice is of cource yours.