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Thread: What did I do this time??

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    Default What did I do this time??

    As I shot my bow today I noticed that my valley increased?!?! I checked the module and it was at the 1 position, I set it at the 2 position though...


    WTF?? Normaly the module stops at every position, 1-2 are completely 'screwed', it is not possible to lock the module at the second position.

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    Sonny Thomas

    Default What did I do this time??

    Probably got out of bed too soon. Things happen to me when I get out of bed too soon, like before noon. And them bows have unions you know. Threatening one by using another makes both go on Strike JJ

    Got no idea. You have to correct it. So do it and see what happens.

    Got confused this one time. I was adjusting the mods on this Reflex and set one. When turned to get something the owner flopped the bow over so he could look at it and sure enough I adjusted the mod backwards and they're lettered. Just a brain dead moment.

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