I know I posted this a while back, but I don't see it in the archives. And I just finished it permanently with a good sanding and polyurethane finish.

It consists of 1 2x6, some nuts and bolts and a ratcheting boat winch.

2013-03-02_10-15-30_572 (640x361).jpg

It has one large bolt wrapped in heat shrink for the bow to rest against on one end, and marks for draw length settings

2013-03-02_10-15-59_450 (640x361).jpg

On the side at one end is a large nail

2013-03-02_10-16-49_934 (640x361).jpg

And then measurements for measuring string lengths (And yes Hutch, I fixed the mistake I made that gave us heart failure a few weeks ago )

2013-03-02_10-17-10_382 (640x361).jpg

Even though at this time I don't have a way to stretch the strings and measure them under 100 lbs of pressure, I can get them close. They all get tweaked anyways once they're back on the bow and the tuning begins, right