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Thread: What is Archery All About?

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    Default What is Archery All About?

    I have a girl friend according to my wife. I'm 65 and she will soon be 10. Seriously, she's a girl I've been coaching for about 6 months. Her parents asked me to help her and she impressed me rigt from the start. She listens. When I instruct her she looks right into my eyes and really pays attention. So far all our work (fun) has been shooting a Vegas face and indoors.

    This winter she decided she wanted to shoot in our league, traveling from club to club. She doesn't shoot what some would consider top scores---yet. At her first shoot 6 weeks ago she shot a 265. She wants to get better so we've really been hammering the mental game and playing with slight changes in her form. Dividends are becoming apparent. She now averages about 385 and had a goal of 400, which she has hit twice with a 411 and 409. This much improvement in just a mere 5 or 6 weeks.

    At one shoot a couple weeks ago her dad was there (mom and dad are divorced). He's a new shooter and only interested in bow hunting. He was all over her case about some of the bad shots she makes. Result??? Back to 265. Up to that point I hadn't been with her at league shoots. That has changed. I surprised her by showing up at her shoot last week. Her hug and smile is all the payment I need. I talked with her dad judiciously about lightening up on her and to encourage her. I think he saw my point. Afterall, she's just a little girl---9 years old.

    I stayed with her, right behind her at the shooting line poking little whispers of instruction and encouragement. Thing like "Aim the bow, aim the bow, aim the bow. Squeeze the release. Now focus, focus, focus." Real quietly, and it works. Yes, she still makes a bad shot once in a while, but I never get on her about it. She looks back at me and I tell her to forget it; that she can shoot the next arrow correctly. The only arrow that counts is the one in the bow.

    OK, I'm going on too long. Point is? I love helping kids. I love passing on some of what I've learned over the decades. Call it my Legacy, if you will.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Very cool Barry. It's great that you can be a mentor, not only to an impressionable young student, but to her father as well. We all need a little encouragement and guidance once in a while. Great job!
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    Great job Barry.

    Love the story.

    I believe it is our duty to bring our love of archery to next generations, otherwise who will? I have great fun and it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can mentor another and see them advance.

    When our oldest daughter got married her husband had never shot a bow. He does now! He had never hunted before or shot guns either. I'm not sure if I am a bad influence or good, but he maybe owns more guns now than I do. LOL I definitely have more bows though.


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    I hear ya Barry, nothing better then that.

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    this is why archery still exist....

    we need someone like you to pass down the momentum and the skill of archery.

    great job.

    i like the feeling to coach kids too... sometimes there are naughty, but they listen and learn.

    i do have problem expressing my thinking to kids, maybe i need to learn the use of words. Some words that we adult can understand but kids dont. so we need to explain very much.
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    Barry, that's very good hearted of you. There needs to be alot more people like you in archery. I've never mentored any kids, but I have taught several women how to shoot, and they have really gotten into it. My last girlfriend was shooting a Bengal I bought her, and killed her first buck her first season out. The current girlfriend was shooting a Cheetah this past deer season, and passed on several bucks that were too young. I was pretty proud of her for that. My first year out, I would have shot any of them. lol Got her a Firecat this winter as a reward for her patience and good decision making. Now we're prepping it for turkey season this spring. We have an archery only season from April 1-9. Hoping we can finally get her an animal this spring with her bow. If not, she'll switch to shotgun.
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