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Thread: Saunders Hyeper Gide Slider

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    Default Saunders Hyeper Gide Slider

    For those of you using Saunders Hyper glides slides, here's an issue and a fix for the orange roller pad. I had and issue with the pad on the roller bunching up due to creep and or loss of elasticity. I contacted Saunders by phone and explained the issue and they sent me two pads no charge. Web site is you can email and or call them direct.

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    Thanks for the heads up Tosi!

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    Default Saunders Hyeper Gide Slider

    Nice to know.

    We've tried the Hyper Glide liked it, but found problems with it. It fails and you're done until repairs can be made. There was another something like the Hyper and also worked great, but had the same issues. And it's the same for some of rollers guides. They go down and you're done until repairs can be made. And the other problem is, shops usually don't carry items needed for the repairs. They have to be ordered. And the plain ole reliable teflon guide slide costs $5 to $7.

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